Welcome to The Culture Challenge!

Welcome to The Culture Challenge! We believe that all young people have a right to experience, enjoy and make great art and culture. We challenge you to try something new.


This website is for teachers, young people and parents. Why not start by taking The Culture Challenge yourself? Once you’re feeling inspired to try something new, check out our directory to find providers who’ll help you achieve your goals. There are loads of amazing new adventures to discover – you could make your own film, meet weird and wonderful creatures, or unearth the secrets of your town’s past.

If you’re a teacher and want to work with local cultural providers, click here for resources to try with your learners.  If you’re a parent, click here for more information about how to use this site with your children. If you’re a young person – what’s stopping you? Just dive on in and take the challenge or play our random activity generator, just for fun.