A Question of Collaboration

We’re inviting all at The Culture Challenge to join Bedford Creative Arts this September for an afternoon of lively discussion, sharing and debate on the question of ‘true’ collaboration between artists and communities.

We will be hearing from leading artists in the field Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Neville Gabie, Jasleen Kaur and Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou who created Clubhouse.

Chaired by independent curator and writer Tessa Jackson OBE, and introduced by Annie Bacon of Bedford Creative Arts.

If you are an artist, producer, curator, commissioning organisation or you create dialogues in communities via the arts then this is for you and we would love you to come and be part of the discussion.

Key questions we will be looking at are;

  • What do we mean by collaboration and is it achievable in its truest sense?
  • Can a collaborative process balance the needs of the artist and the community and still result in a worthwhile outcome?
  • At what level can we create a sustained, shared process of art making that leaves outcomes open, to be arrived at through the process?
  • How do we evaluate ‘quality’ of artistic practice and process within a critical discourse, in working with communities?
  • How can communities enter, be part of the creative process and have experiences they can own?
  • Can this way of working encourage greater freedom for exploration of particular artistic disciplines?

The date and times of the event are:

21st September 2018 from 12 PM – 6 PM at Bunyan Meeting Rooms, Bedford

A limited number of bursaries are available for artists. For more information and to book your tickets now, please click here to visit Bedford Creative Arts’ news article.

We look forward to seeing you there!