Police Riot in the Garden of Eden
British artist Jimmy Cauty’s critically acclaimed AFTERMATH DISLOCATION PRINCIPLE #AdpRiotTour will arrive at the Panacea Museum on the 13th of December. 
The ADP is a monumental post-apocalyptic landscape in miniature. A dystopian model village set somewhere in a mythical Bedfordshire where only the police remain in an otherwise deserted, wrecked and dislocated land. All in 1:87 scale, housed in three immense shipping containers, and viewed through observation ports.
Since 23rd April this year the 40ft shipping container that houses the AFTERMATH DISLOCATION PRINCIPLE part 1 (ADP 1) has been on a pilgrimage to 38 HISTORIC RIOT SITES around the country on a nationwide tour that ends in Bedford on Christmas Day. Here it will be joined by two other related artworks (ADP 2 and ADP 3) for the tour finale.
Everywhere it has been, from community centres to municipal galleries, from car parks to hipster bars, from derelict land to town centres, the ADP Riot Tour has been met by huge and diverse audiences eager to engage with the work on their terms in their locality.
Despite worries from some communities about the potentially seditious nature of the artwork, the ADP RIOT TOUR in fact manages to transcend all cultural and demographic boundaries to generate enthusiastic responses from all walks of life across the country. It brings people together in a very real and vital way in stark contrast to the divisionist zeitgeist of out current socio-political landscape.
Please do go and see ADP, and tell your friends, students, staff, school and everyone else that it is happening! There is no charge to go into the museum and it will be open every day whilst ADP is on site.

ADP Exhibition Details
Address: The Panacea Museum, 9 Newnham Road, Bedford MK40 3NX
Dates: 13th – 25th December
Opening times: 12 noon – 5 pm daily
Late Opening: Wed & Sat 12 noon – 7pm
Admission: Free
Closing event: 23rd December 18:00 – 20:23