Agents for Change: Anti-Bullying in Bedford Borough

The Culture Challenge cultural provider EqualiTeach is bringing together 60 year 5 pupils from 15 primary and middle schools at an interactive and exciting all day event, where they will have the opportunity to learn about identity-based bullying. Pupils will explore bullying around race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and action plan ways in which they can work to stop it from happening in their schools. Each participating pupil will receive a workbook and Agents for Change badge.

EqualiTeach are running Agents for Change: Anti-Bullying in Bedford Borough

So far, 11 schools across the region have signed up to the anti-bullying campaign but Equaliteach are looking to recruit a further four schools. Goldington Green Academy are one of the schools taking advantage of this important project. ‘We are very excited about the unique opportunity for our pupils to participate in a programme empowering them to become Agents for Change. Children will be able to take on a meaningful leadership role and become ambassadors for something which our school is passionate about. We have worked with Equaliteach over many years and find their training and workshops to be exemplary in inspiring pupils and staff alike.’

In the following weeks, EqualiTeach will meet with pupils and teachers to support them in fleshing out their plans and to aid the implementation of initiatives. They anticipate that this will require an average of two visits per school, and if convenient, EqualiTeach will provide twilight teacher training sessions on recognising and responding to identity-based bullying, to ensure that teachers are equipped to back the pupils in implementing their initiatives and responding effectively to support the targets and perpetrators of identity-based bullying.

Photos, videos and written evidence of the work undertaken as part of the scheme will be collated into a report demonstrating the impact of the initiative, and a Good Practice Guide which will then be made available online for schools across Bedford Borough.

The project has already been successfully piloted in Buckinghamshire, where EqualiTeach worked with 190 pupils from different schools over the course of three days, and also in Islington and Tower Hamlets.

If you are interested in participating in the programme, or would like further information, please contact EqualiTeach by contacting Gabriella Craft either by email,, or phone on 01480 470660 / 07933590500.