Aimi Rix Artist

As well as her own practice as Aimi Rix Artist, Aimi is also cofounder and director of Little Red Creative Studios where they specialize in Art and photography.

Within these two categories they offer classes and workshops alongside their usual business activities.

Street art workshop. In these workshops they develop ideas into designs that can be used for large scale street art, characters and writing, stencil making and learning how to use spray paint. The workshops are fun and exciting, children and adults alike enjoy the freedom and speed with spray paint. Students will learn spray techniques in a safe environment and learn about the street art culture.

Creative exploratory sessions

Open art sessions where artists of all abilities have the freedom to express and create whatever they like with access to various media and equipment they may not have had access to with artists at hand to offer guidance and support.

Mural design workshops.

Learn how to create a mural concept, how to incorporate many ideas and images into one piece creating an effective and dynamic piece from small to large scale and vice versa.

Aside from workshops Aimi also is available to hire. Aimi specialises in, but is not limited to, murals and street art.

Recent Projects: Power in Paint (Luton)


Aimi Rix Aimi’s artwork has brightened up the school no end, adding to the attractiveness of the environment and enhancing the school’s curriculum at the same time. The designs she has produced have been imaginative, amusing and appealing to the children, making our corridors, our hall spaces and our library more interesting and engaging places for children to enjoy. What were clinical, sterile areas, freshly painted grey and magnolia after the school’s expansion project was completed, are now much brighter, more colourful and fun parts of the building. The quality of Aimi’s work has been highly professional and she has been able to meet the remit set for her, as well as using her own initiative, as she has decorated the school with cartoon animals, parts of the body, modes of transport, graffiti type text and objects of all types. Aimi’s paintings have become talking points for children and staff alike, providing support for our phonics curriculum and Values programme, as well as simply making the school a lovely place in which to be. Thank you Aimi!

Richard Jenkins, The Meads Primary School