Becoming a School Governor

If you are working regularly with schools, have you ever considered becoming a Governor?

Become a school governor

School governors work strategically with the Head teacher and senior leadership team to drive school performance, initiate change and plan for the future – a real chance to make a difference to education provision locally.

Bedford Borough Council need governors with a rich diversity of experience and background to reflect the community they serve. Individual perspectives and a variety of workplace skills will help to bring another view to the table. Different opinions lead to healthy discussion and ultimately bring about effective strategic decision making.

Some of the typical responsibilities of a School Governor include:

  • Supporting your school by attending meetings, going into school to find out about
    the strategies in place to make improvements and to meet the children and staff.
  • Actively participating as a member of the team, prepared to participate in
    discussions and ask questions about the educational performance in your school,
    so that you know what your school needs to do to get better.
  • Developing skills and knowledge including attending training to keep up to date
    with current educational trends and legislation.
  • Maintaining discretion and confidentiality.
  • Accountability – the Governing Board is:
    • Accountable for the educational performance and safety of EVERY child in the school.
    • Accountable for school finance, ensuring money is well spent and impacting
      positively to support strategic plans.
    • Accountable to children, parents, staff and the wider community.
    • Accountable through Ofsted Inspection.

For more information, download the information leaflet (pdf) which includes contact details if you’re interested in making a real difference to young people’s lives.