Could you be the Bedfringe 2018 poster designer?

Bedfringe are inviting the young people of Bedford Borough to design a colourful, eye-catching poster for their popular annual theatre festival.

Bedfringe is inspired by the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe (known as Edfringe). Fringe festivals are festivals that showcase new work from small theatre, dance and comedy companies, often in unusual places. Lots of the acts that go to show their work in Edinburgh come to Bedford first. Bedfringe takes place mainly at The Quarry Theatre now, and has been running in the town for 12 years. 

Edfringe has started to invite young people to design their posters, and James, who organizes Bedfringe thinks this is a good idea too. So Bedfringe would like to invite young people in Bedford to enter the competition. You don’t have to design the whole poster, just an exciting, colourful and attractive image. We want you to think about the fringe festival as a crazy explosion of fun, feelings and colour. Up to 5 images will be used and there will be prizes for those that are picked (a book bundle from Rogans Books, plus a Bedfringe Festival Pass for the first prize).

 What you need to do to enter:  

  •  Make sure your art is A4 size and 2D 
  • Do not add words, dates or titles onto your image – all they want to see is your artwork 
  • Your artwork can be abstract or what you think sums up Bedfringe festival 
  • Your artwork should be a celebration; fun, feelings, full of energy, colourful and bright! 

For inspiration, why not take a look at all the past images from the programmes –

Please send your artwork to or send the original artwork to 26 St Peter’s Street, Bedford, MK40 2NN along with your name, school, age by the 29th March. If you’d like your original artwork sent back to you once the competition is done, please send in an stamped addressed envelope. Have fun!

Visit both the Bedfringe website and investigate what it is all about  and to find out more about what a Fringe festival is, visit this handy video from Edfringe 

To find out more about what a Fringe festival is, here is a handy video from Edfringe explaining more about what Fringe has to offer. (Please note this is an Edfringe video but is an excellent resource that explains what a Fringe festival is.)