Celebrate National Storytelling Week with Wassledine!

Schools often celebrate World Book Day in the first week of March but may not be aware of National Storytelling Week at the beginning of February (1st – 8th). Launched in 2000 by the Society for Storytelling, National Storytelling Week celebrates the oldest art form in the world. Storytelling is at the root of every art form: we think in story form, make sense of our world in narrative. Performance storytelling of traditional tales can be a powerful experience, both entertaining and educational.

It’s not too late to book a storyteller to help you mark either event in the celebration of stories.

Jane Lambourne of Wassledine has been telling tales for over 20 years building up a wide repertoire of stories to share and experience in running educational workshops for children. She can be booked for storytelling performances to celebrate stories in the oral tradition, lead workshops to help children and/or staff tell tales themselves or workshops that aim to help develop the imagination in creating new stories.

Performances and workshops can be themed to fit a topic or Jane can come along with a mixed bag of traditional tales and silly stories. For more information about Jane’s storytelling work and experience, visit her website.