Welcome to The Culture Challenge, Central Bedfordshire

We believe that all children and young people have a right to experience, enjoy, and make great art and culture. Thanks to our partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council, we can help you find all the great creative and cultural offerings across the region. We challenge you to try something new.

This website is for teachers, parents, children and young people to find out about the diverse mix of cultural and creative providers in Central Bedfordshire. Why not start by taking our Culture Challenge? Once you’re feeling inspired, click through to The Culture Challenge directory to find a list of providers in Central Bedfordshire who can help you achieve your creative and cultural goals. We have a wealth of cultural providers listed across the Central Bedfordshire region, whether you’re looking for a zookeeper, graffiti artist, human beat box or anything in between!

If you’re a teacher and want to work with your local cultural providers, explore resources to try with your learners. If you’re a parent, discover more information about how to use this site with your children. If you’re a young person, what are you waiting for? Take the challenge or play our random activity generator, just for fun.