Circus of Illustration Professional Development for Freelance Illustrators

Take your freelance career to the next level with The Circus of Illustration’s one-stop guide to working as a freelance illustrator. Hear from three inspirational speakers for an insightful evening of practical advice covering; how to work with clients, why you may or may not need an agent, how to market yourself, how to look after your own interests as a small business and other useful advice for freelancers.

The evening will consist of talks from each speaker, with a relaxed atmosphere which encourages questions and discussions with all attendees. Refreshments will be provided and there will be plenty of time for networking over a glass of wine afterwards.

The event is aimed towards freelance illustrators working with clients in illustration and design and is suitable for all levels of practice.

The evening begins at 7:00pm on Friday 27th September and will be taking place at the Basement at Bunyan, John Bunyan Museum, Bedford, MK40 3EU.

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