Free Microscope Activity Kits!

Did you know that the Royal Microscopical Society provide Microscope Activity Kits, completely free for all UK Primary Schools?

A Kit can be borrowed for an entire term and contains enough microscopes and resources for a whole class of children. With 6 curriculum-mapped activities spanning both Key Stage 1 and 2, there are plenty of ways to bring microscopy to your classroom.

It’s easy to see how a microscope could inform a science lesson, to find out what’s living in your school pond for example, but have you considered how it could also help to develop the creativity of your class? Exploring the world in close up is a fantastic way to develop detailed drawing skills, and the discovery of many intricate patterns occurring in the natural environment could be inspiration for a wealth of creative projects.

Magnified patterns

The Royal Microscope Society will organise the delivery and collection of the Kits, all they ask is that in return, you let them know how you used them in your lessons, and the exciting things you discovered. You can find out more about the Kits,  browse lesson plans, watch a video about the initiative and request your own over on the Royal Microscope Society webpage.