Hillborough Infants seeks artist for self portrait workshops
Shortstown Primary School pupils explore studio portraits
Shortstown Primary School pupils explore studio portraits

Hillborough Infant & Nusery School in Luton is looking for an artist or artists to deliver a self-portraiture project for their entire school of 270 pupils. Beyond traditional painted portraits or popular selfie culture, this is a great opportunity to engage young people in the creative arts, consider the different ways in we represent ourselves and explore how we are all unique.

There are 270 pupils in total: three reception classes, three Year 1 classes and three Year 2 classes, with 30 pupils in each class. We anticipate that the artist will work with one year group per day, running 3 x 90 minute sessions (with a break). The same session can be run across all year groups, but we would request that workshops are adapted for the age difference of pupils.

Given the time constraints, we would be open to project ideas which might require the children to complete their work under the guidance of their teacher after the session has ended. Ideas need to be simple yet impactful to enable children of primary school age to respond and create work.

Dates are flexible, but they would like the sessions to take place in the Autumn, ideally before October half term. The fee for this project is £200 per day with some provision for materials.

Please send your expressions of interest to aileneg@bedfordcreativearts.org.uk by Monday 16th July including a brief description of your approach, a link to your Culture Challenge profile and an indication of expected costs (including time and materials). We will endeavour to reply to all submitting providers within two weeks, by Friday 10th August. This opportunity is exclusively for Culture Challenge providers.