OzzleBox is a bespoke visual, audible, kinetic events management company focused on engaging, educating and entertaining diverse groups of young people using human beatbox. Our aim is to make music accessible to everyone and to have fun being creative and learning exciting new things.

Among our services, we offer creative workshops which engage, encourage and empower young people to come out of their comfort zones, learn new transferable interpersonal skills, inspire creative experiences whilst generating fun, unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime all in a safe environment. Young people learn better from people who inspire them so our workshops are aimed to engage and instill seeds of self-worth, competence and confidence that over time will potentially blossom into positive attributes for the next generation of society’s role models.

We deliver our field-based services onsite and they can be tailor made to fit your requirements with the flexibility to change if necessary. For best use of our services; we implore any bookings made with us are for service users aged 8 – 16 years with an avid interest in music, dance, performance, creative writing and arts and crafts.

Here’s a video of my work at Palace Arts Music 2015 at Chats Palace.