Christina Marks School of Performing Arts

My name is Christina Marks and I am a qualified ISTD Dance Teacher. From the age of 4 I have been extremely passionate about dancing and the Performing Arts Industry. I have recently just gained a teaching qualification status at Penny Meekings Teaching Training College in Royston which is an amazing feeling.

I have been working with children now for 2 years beginning my teaching experience in the States teaching dancing 5 days a week. I then went on to expand my classes and currently teach dance for many schools in the local area. I also run a Performing Arts Sunday school, which the students receive an hour of each genre dance, singing and acting every Sunday.

“My true love is dance and performing arts and I love nothing more than watching students fall in love with performing arts the way I did all them years ago.”

After school dance classes gives the students discipline, self esteem and confidence. To date my classes have been a great success and I am looking to branch out further with other schools, Academies, and Nurseries offering my services.

Christina was quickly able to deliver on a collaborative project with a set brief. I was able to work with her to flexibly create a timetable to fit in with school where students would develop choreography to go with the drama and production concept that was a set brief. We have been so impressed with her open approach we have asked Christina to come and work with us on supporting our delivery of Dance at Etonbury and introducing GCSE Dance here. We and the students absolutely love Christina and her professionalism and determination to produce high quality productions in collaboration impressively in line with a busy school is commendable…She provides a great way to hit the arts mark target as we have a constant link to professional industry through Christina which will be very useful in advise, guidance and support within the arts at Etonbury.” – Joya Limb, Etonbury Academy