Mark Steinhardt Storyteller

I am a storyteller, living and working in Bedfordshire. I spend my time developing new stories, performing and helping to promote the performed spoken word. I am particularly keen to make storytelling work for older children and young adults. 

Storytelling is solo, low-tech, inexpensive. I just need a quiet space.  

I don’t simply deliver the stories. Time should be made available for question-and-answer, some insight into working practices, sources, cultural and historical significance, etc.  

My website has more detail but among the big stories I am keen to deliver are: 

Tristan and Iseult 

The only surviving early medieval English romance – valuable for that reason alone. My version treads carefully between faithfulness to the original and modern relevance. It foregrounds the women’s experience, dealing with issues of infertility and power. What I cut, what I kept, what I changed and why, all these make for interesting discussion. KS4 

Hereward of the Fens 

The surviving text of our most important regional story is interesting because of the way it moves back and forth between verifiable history and legend. But Hereward valued above all the hope of surviving in legend, so does it matter which bits are true? Can you tell? KS2/3 


…blends the feeling of listening to a bard of yesteryear with storytelling in the 21st century.

His passion for the story and his enthusiasm were evident throughout.