Mini Map-Makers

At Mini Map-Makers, we offer the children the opportunity to discover about the World and where we live through the subject of Cartography -Map Making and meet a real-life map-maker Captain Alice!!

#GettingChildrenMapping is an initiative created by Mini Map-Makers for school aged children to understand about what makes up a map and how and why we use maps!

There are several workshops:

The ‘X’ Marks the Spot Workshop is run by Captain Alice with all the elements of the ‘World Around you’ as part of the EYFS Curriculum for the ages 4 – 6. Get hands on Map folding experience – can you find the treasure? What symbols is that? And an amazing goody bag!

‘Cartography for STEAM’ is aimed at Yr 3 upwards and is all about how maps are within the STEAM Subjects. Lots of hands on and things to look at!!

‘cARTography’ is all about how important Art is in Map making! The Children get to create their own artwork individually and as a whole group project to display!

Making maps fun and showing them as useful tools to discover more about the world. A large map laid out on the table can spark imaginations off about what the places are like – lots of trees – dark woods or tall buildings – big busy cities or deep seas with mysterious creatures in.

All activities come with a goody bag for the children to take away and each child taught will receive their won OS Map. The school will receive their own Site Centred map to start their own adventures on!