Phoenix Studio

My name is James Ort. I am a full time artist who manages and teaches at the Phoenix Studio, Towersey. The studio runs workshops for adults and children in a range of mediums.

I also lead school-based creative workshops specialising in clay, sculpture and also wire. They can be bespoke projects designed to match your school’s requirements or tried and tested workshops.

I have over 6 years experience of teaching people of all ages including children. I have worked with over 20 schools and youth groups. I am under no illusions that being a 30-something male artist makes it easy to engage a class, but I am also fun, encouraging and get great results from the pupils!

There tends to be a 2D bias in schools so sculpture is a less well known medium to school children. Very few schools have kilns anymore so children are not exposed to the joys of clay. Both clay and sculpture is incredible tactile and engaging. Even the liveliest of classrooms can be silenced in deep concentration by the captivating powers of clay!

Sculpting can change people’s lives for the better and all children should be taught it at some point in their education.