Music for Bedford Borough

Music for Bedford Borough is the lead organisation for Bedford’s Music Hub, which provides a range of music services to schools including instrumental and vocal lessons, music ensembles, curriculum support, exams, training, consultation, demo-tours and be-spoke services.

The service also organises a range of other services on behalf of all schools, so they can come together collaboratively to enjoy larger scale enriching experiences and opportunities that schools do not have time or the capacity to organise themselves. These include massed school concerts in inspirational venues working with professional musicians.

MfBB encourages schools to support their young musician pupils to participate in its Saturday Morning Music Centre. Here students can participate in a wide range of ensembles and activities, such as: Wind Band, Choir, Rock and Pop, Keyboards, and Jazz! The service also encourages schools to signpost pupils to participate in County holiday courses run by Bedfordshire Music Trust.

“We thought the event was absolutely amazing. My son has been so inspired by the teaching and by getting together with all the other schools, that he wants to carry on playing the clarinet. We had never thought of music before – but now it’s definitely what he wants to do” – parent following the Wider Opps Play Day