The English School of Falconry
We are based in Wilstead, schools visit us as well as us visiting schools with our birds.
A day at the bird of prey centre is an enjoyable and educational experience, home to over 200 birds of prey form the largest in the world the Andean Condor to one of the smallest our native Little Owl. We welcome student groups of all ages, from nursery school children to post graduate students. Upon arrival all groups will be met by a falconer and given an introductory talk, which covers the centres work and the rules whilst visiting.
A typical day for your school visit will include:
  • Opportunity to handle a native species of bird of prey.
  • Watching the 11.30am Owl Display, and 1.30pm¬†Birds of the World¬†display.
  • Viewing all the aviaries around the centre, many of which house endangered species and native species of birds.
Additional activities available at no extra charge:
  • A talk from a falconer on a specific subject you may be covering.
  • Have a go at flying a bird of prey.
Outreach Visits
We have been visiting schools for many years and we believe the best way of learning about birds of prey and retaining the knowledge is by seeing them up close. We are able to cater our visits to children of all ages, our visit will include:
  • A choice of birds from: Owls, native species of birds or a variety of species including owls, hawks, eagles and falcons.
  • A talk on each of the species.
  • Free flying display of some of the species.
  • Question and answer time.
Talks are tailored to the specific needs of each class covering different subjects such as habitat, conservation, food chains, adaptations and night and day. The birds can be a focus in Art, Geography, History projects and an inspiration for creative writing.
The centre has a tea room, picnic area and gift shop.


A teachers resource park is available to download on our website