Full House Theatre

Full House has over 16 years experience of developing and delivering applied theatre projects, education and outreach work. This takes place predominantly in Bedfordshire but we also deliver our projects elsewhere in the UK.

This work includes:

  • Professional theatre and dance performances
  • Education packages to support our professional performance work
  • Theatre in Education
  • Special Needs Residencies
  • Annual arts festival June Arts Jam in Bedford, programmed by Full House to help schools to get the most out of cultural spaces in Bedford with professional theatre performances and workshops throughout the month of June
  • Theatre skills sessions and workshops
  • CPD

We can create bespoke projects for our service users. If you have an idea for a project or would like to speak to someone about Full House working with you or your organization we’d love to hear from you.

“We are always keen to be involved with productions that Full House are staging as they allow our pupils the opportunity to witness physical and visual theatre that serves as a means to stimulate and engage their imaginations. We have consistently found the actors to be accommodating, friendly and able to engage the children from start to finish.”

“The trip was a huge success. Everything was organised well, from ensuring access to toilets and area for lunches, to the activities themselves. Each activity was different and allowed all children, including our SEN pupils to get really involved. It was perfect for this year group as it related to their future topic of crime and punishment and has already enabled further work and discussion to take part within the classroom. As a teacher, it was wonderful to see how you can bring the museum to life and seeing the children get the most out of their trip…The classes teacher has used the trip for a few weeks of lesson within class. Children have painted their own stain glass window based around the ones they looked at in the church. They have written a recount of their trip, and are having debates within class as to whether John Bunyan did the right thing by standing up for what he believed in. It has been wonderful that we can relate so much from the trip back into the classroom and make it worthwhile for all.” – Hannah Machin, Shortstown Primary

“The children were thoroughly engaged throughout the interactive performance. Children found the characters (and their sound effects and props) very amusing and it made the story come to life for them.The children had previously studied the book as part of English lessons and having the opportunity for them to see the performance was a great way to draw upon their knowledge of the story and extend it even further. The children will treasure this memory and told me that it was really funny.” Edith Cavell Lower School
Available at your school in Summer Term 2019 and Autumn Term 2019