Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday
Young people dance with MÓTUS in Milton Keynes
Young people dance with MÓTUS in Milton Keynes

Cultural Provider, MÓTUS Dance are pleased to announce that they have been successful in acquiring funding a range of activities for a dance festival in Milton Keynes from 17th May until 10th June. They are looking to work with three Milton Keynes schools, two of which have already been recruited but are still on the lookout for a third to be part of this exciting project celebrating the Queen’s Birthday. Suitable for primary or secondary school students, they will take inspiration from the iconic Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland!

Each school group of up to 25 pupils will work with a professional choreographer for 12 hours which can take the form of full or half days, or even run as a part of an after school club. MÓTUS Dance are very flexible in their approach and will be happy to work around commitments of the school.

The final performance will take place at the Centre:MK shopping centre and the Theatre District on 9th June. Students from all three schools will have the opportunity to work with professional choreographers and perform in a fantastic public space, as well as see their pieces showcased alongside a professional dance commission.

The school group must be a maximum of 25 students and the choreographer team are looking for a clear space with a floor suitable for dance (not carpeted) and a CD player, ideally with suitable connections for an mp3 player.

A member of teaching staff must meet the company and be present throughout each workshop, plus any specific additional staff support normally made available for students with special educational needs.​

MOTUS ask that the chosen school make a £200 contribution towards the artist delivery fee, as a condition of the project funding.

For more information, do visit the MÓTUS website for information on how Milton Keynes schools can get involved with their Queen’s Court Commission or email in the first instance. Could your school be the third group to be part of this imaginative and regal performance?