mapdance and MÓTUS invite you to get moving!

mapdance will be performing at MÓTUS on 7th June and are offering school workshops

mapdance is an established exciting company of young, dynamic dancers recruited nationally and internationally. This year the company has commissioned new works by Laura Aris Alvarez (Belgium/Spain ex Wim Vandekeybus) Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor (Israel), Laila Diallo (UK) and Helen Parlor (UK). mapdance will be performing at MÓTUS on 7th June and are offering 2 schools workshops with a view to students creating a short curtain raiser.  

The mixed repertory offers a refreshing mixture of dance theatre, intricate lyrical choreography, fast-paced athleticism and wry humour. It is a programme that will appeal to both seasoned dance viewers and audiences new to dance and is of particular relevance to dance students at GCSE, BTEC and A-level.

The workshop will take place 11am-2pm in your school on 7th June, students will then perform at The Chrysalis Theatre in Milton Keynes before watching the mapdance performance that same evening.

The company has devised a dynamic workshop for schools which enable the development of creative skills, enhanced understanding of dance making and improved problem solving skills. These sessions go beyond the creative skills of dance and performance, promising to strengthen social skills and confidence in sharing and communication, while students will also develop leadership skills and an awareness of physicality and health impacts of participation in dance.

All workshops and residencies are led by the members of the company, enabling participants to also gain an insight into the dancers training and experience.

Workshops are ideally designed for 25, but can accommodate a maximum of 30 in a session, dressed suitably. Clear space with a floor suitable for dance (not carpeted) and a CD player, ideally with suitable connections for an mp3 player. Mapdance ask that a member of teaching staff must meet the company and be present throughout each workshop, plus any specific additional staff support normally made available for students with special educational needs.

For details on costs and requirements, please visit the MÓTUS website, or contact in the first instance.