Mark Rutherford School outsmart the robots!

During October, Year 9 pupils at Mark Rutherford School participated in a Creative Careers day, organised by The Culture Challenge and the Aspire Higher team at the University of Bedfordshire.

The overall theme for the day was ‘How to outsmart the robots’, giving pupils the opportunity to meet people who have forged a creative career by developing their passions. Culture Challenge Providers from across Bedfordshire explored the idea that in the future many jobs will be come automated however, a career in the creative industries or arts will always rely on human input and ingenuity. Those involved in the day included actress and producer, Addie Akinrinade, puppeteer Andy from the Theatre of Widdershins, beatboxer Ozzlebox, Guinness World Record Holder PT Dennis and eco artist, Jo Atherton.

During the day we showcased a variety of creative practitioners who have taken interesting career paths and students learned about the importance of resilience, passion and ambition when working in a creative career. It was a fun and insightful day, where we learnt that working in a creative role extended far beyond the traditional gallery space, and our speakers each provided a unique insight into their chosen path through life. Interestingly, their entrepreneurial flair for seeking out opportunities to share their passions was an unplanned theme which emerged during the course of the day.

Jacqui Sanders, Head of Art exclaimed “Thank you so much for organising today it was a wonderful day, an experience which I am sure our students will remember.” Indeed, a few of the cultural providers mentioned how useful they would have found a similar day when they were at school choosing subjects for their GCSE and A Level selections.