Welcome to The Culture Challenge. Our goal is to encourage more young people to engage with creative and cultural activities in the place where they live. Parents and carers play a crucial role in helping young people access art and culture.

This website can be used by families who would like to generate ideas for cultural experiences. You can browse for creative and cultural practitioners and organizations by searching the directory by theme, postcode, or keyword. The general information section will be of most use to you. If you need to find out more, many of the organisations will have public opening times and opportunities listed on their own websites.

We have also provided you with the Culture Checklist – a checklist of cultural and creative challenges that can be used in a number of ways by individuals or families. If you are using the site to help encourage your children to explore the arts you might also like to look at Arts Award – a qualification for young people (ages 5 – 25) to explore the arts in a structured way.

For further information please use the below contact form.