People, Power, Passion – Lead Artist Commission

Luton Borough Council and Revolution Arts are seeking an artist/group of artists/arts organisation (lead artist) to create and deliver a community-devised project that explores democracy and the justice system in Luton/the UK.

In August 2019, join local young people on a journey through their neighbourhood. See the world through their eyes, examining the justice system, the decisions they face, and the stories that matter to them. This will be an ambitious production that takes the audience on a journey through the world of young people in Luton. By meandering through their backstreets, parks, lounge rooms and schools, places are reinvented, young voices are heard and authentic stories are told.

The project must work with young people (14-24), be presented outside of the town centre and would ideally be realised as a promenade theatre piece that uses both outdoor and indoor spaces. Other artforms and interdisciplinary approaches, including dance, music and digital may be incorporated.

The project must feature young people from Luton as ensemble members and the upskilling and mentoring of non-professional ensemble members must be taken into consideration in the proposed approach.

It is expected that audiences will be challenged and will be introduced to spaces and places that they have not been before.

Important information