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With a background in community work and experience working with children & families.  I  bring a positive and fun approach to learning a traditional craft and make it relevant and interesting.  My relaxed approach offers children an opportunity to be enthusiastic and hands on with clay.

I offer pottery sessions tailored to your needs.  Built around the school curriculum subjects for Key Stage 1 or 2, I can help the children bring alive the topics they’re learning.  From Greek pots, Egyptian Boats to working outside making clay birds or animals.  I can work with young people on specific projects and teach them the basic skills. I can work with full classes or smaller groups if required.

I can offer After School activities which can involve parents taking part too.  These more relaxed sessions offer families the chance to make things together in a positive learning environment. I can offer full days or two hour sessions. I also run weekly term time sessions too.

For a complete pottery experience once the pottery session is finished I can transport the pottery creations to my studio for firing in my kiln and return at a later arranged session for them to be glazed/painted.

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My pottery sessions are £25 an hour for my time starting at two hour sessions. Clay is £15 per 12.5kg bag. If firing in my kiln is required it’s £7 for two firings in my kiln. Glazes for painting are £158 for a set of 12 colours. I bring table covers, tools and wooden boards to make the clay creations on.


Tara Lovelock: Great Linford Primary School, Milton Keynes

Claire Sapsford: Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Milton Keynes

Other Information:

Staff Development Training: Pottery Socials offer your team an opportunity to learn a traditional craft and try a new skill in a relaxed, social environment together as colleagues. I use pottery as art therapy a tool of engagement and as a fun, enjoyable learning experience to engage people in constructive activity. To bring people together through the art form of clay and help improve their working relationships. You’ll learn how to make a coiled pot in your own unique style with my guidance and support.

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Andrew Macdermott: Potter
Milton Keynes
07595 335572