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We offer Instrumental and Vocal lessons to small groups or individuals.  Lessons can start at any age as long as the instrument size is suitable, or we can offer musicianship groups as a starter for very young pupils.

Pupils can hire instruments from Music for Bedford Borough, and pupils on Free School Meals pay 50% of the cost.

Our teacher members are all DBS checked, have regular access to training and support, and meet to share expertise, ideas and enthusiasms on a regular basis.

Once pupils have reached a certain standard they are invited to join school music ensembles and choirs, or to join the Friday Flyers or Saturday Morning Music Centre groups available through the Coop or the Borough. (See web site for further details)

We also encourage pupils to seek out further opportunities offered by the Bedfordshire Music Trust.

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Fee Structure:

Services bought by schools for any activity (Support for GCSE, School ensemble, teacher training) are all at £35 per hour.

Lessons are:

30 minute lesson - Group of 4

£4.70 per person / £15.98 per month (over 10 months per year)


30  minute lesson - Group of 3

£7.25 per person / £24.65 per month (over 10 months per year)


Paired lesson 20 minutes

£7.25 per person / £24.65 per month (over 10 months per year)


20 minute individual lesson

£11.80 per person / £40.12 per month (over 10 months per year)


30 minute individual lesson

£17.70 per person / £60.18 per month (over 10 months per year)


We can offer help with setting up and running a school ensemble or choir


Referee 1: David Rose, Music for Bedford Borough, 01234 718088

Referee 2: Georgina Murphy Clifford, Biddenham International School, 07735341832

Other Information:

Individual teachers hold DBS checks and complete regular safeguarding training

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Bedford Music Cooperative
74 Wood End Road, Kempston, MK43 9BD
07498 671153