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We offer dynamic song-writing exchange projects, working in collaboration with detainees at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre to create music and lyrics that explore issues around multiculturalism, immigration and immigration detention. We believe that this process brings children into direct contact with some very difficult issues in an incredibly positive way, with the aim of improving cultural acceptance & understanding.

As an organisation, our primary concern is improving the wellbeing of the detainees in Yarl’s Wood, and this collaborative and expressive process has an immediate and lasting impact for the women and families we’re trying to help.

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Fee Structure
£1,300 for 6 x half day workshops in school / community group, to run concurrently with 6 half days in Yarl's Wood.

This will include a CD of the work produced for each participant.

Typically, these take place across 3 weeks, but can be flexible / or / £550 for a one day workshop in school / community group.

This will include a CD of the work produced for each participant.

REFERENCE 1: Mark Horton, Biddenham Upper School,

Insurance: Public liability insurance
Safeguarding: DBS/CRB checked
Arts Award: Arts award supporter

Contact Name
Jih-Wen Yeh
MK40 1QE
01234 818670