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Bedford Theatre in Education bring the stories of Bedford to life and are based on the book ‘The Bedford Chronicles‘. We are a Bedford based company working with professional actors and practitioners from across the area.

Our shows are designed to fit into the school timetable and are aimed mainly at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 students – however, can be viewed by a younger audience. The shows will complement, not only a local history project, but will benefit pupils who are studying the history of Britain on a wider scale.

Our plays do this by helping pupils to develop an awareness of the past and will include and cover a significant historical event, its people and place it in their locality.

This will help pupils to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British and local history.

Pupils are introduced to, and helped with, the concepts of understanding the history of our islands as a coherent, chronological narrative.

The play can help pupils to understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference, and significance. This allows them to gain historical perspective by placing their knowledge into different contexts, understanding the connections between local, regional, national and international history.

The aim is to help pupils gain the tools they need to question and understand why past events are so important and have such a long lasting role in our history.

We also offer workshops which will expand on the performance and offer further learning.

‘It was amazing – I love how they added comedy & facts…’

‘I liked the performance because I learnt a lot…’

‘The children loved the performance so ‘Thank You…”

‘A great performance!!’

‘This morning we enjoyed a fantastic performance of ‘The Vikings of Bedford – Spear of The Gods…’

‘Thank you again, the children thoroughly enjoyed the show!’
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Fee Structure:

Prices are tailored to individual schools. As a guide, the cost for the performance starts from £500

The play can be performed to a maximum of 250 children.



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Karen Fryc
Bedford TIE St Cuthberts Hall Newnham Street Bedford MK40 3JR
0795 586 6738