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We offer river cruises on John Bunyan, Bedford’s Community Boat. We can be set up as a floating classroom. We can provide either just a fun trip, or school staff can use the boat for the pupils to study river environment and wild life. We also have an arrangement with Kate Bygrave of ‘Wild Lives’ to provide an educational programme on the boat (details can be supplied). We can also be used as a venue for school staff Away Days. We are a floating venue in that we provide boat cruises on the River Great Ouse at Bedford based in Priory Marina but with pick up points at Sovereigns Quay and Newnham Road Steps. Our river cruises are suited for all ages.

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Fee Structure
Schools receive a 25% discount based on cruises taking place on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Costs shown include this discount - Based on cruises leaving Priory Marina:
1.5 hours = £225
2 hours = £244
2.5 hours = £262
3 hours = £281
4 hours = £317
5 hours = £357

Some schools have already worked together and block booked the boat for consecutive hours thus keeping down cost. Other schools have book a cruise from Priory Marina, off loaded their first two class groups at Sovereigns Quay and loaded their second two class groups there and then back to Priory Marina. Many options are possible!

To pick up only from Newnham Road steps adds an extra hours charge, and from Sovereigns Quay adds an extra 1.5 hours charge if the boat has to run empty from Priory Marina.

REFERENCE 1: Livingstone School,
REFERENCE 2: The Hills Academy, 01234 266498

Other Information

Accessibility: We have a disability access lift and large toilet suitable for passengers who have disabilities.

Parking: There is room to park a coach at Priory Marina
Insurance: Public liability insurance
Safeguarding: DBS/CRB checked

Contact Name
Graham Mabbutt
John Bunyan Boat Sales Office, Priory Marina, Priory Country Park, Barkers Lane, Bedford, MK41 9DJ
0330 1239 511