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Hi, I’m Julia and I run an award-winning not-for-profit theatre company specialising in fully self-contained multi-sensory musical performances for early years, primary, and special schools.

I am particularly interested in developing work exploring emotional and brain development, mental health, and well-being. All performances are signed in Makaton, are relaxed for the inclusion of children with autism / sensory processing difficulties / high anxiety or other complex needs, and all performances are followed by sensory play sessions where learning and experiences are embedded.

My aim is to provide children with beautiful and accessible first experiences of theatre, as well as delivering important content that meets them at their current stage of development. Currently, my productions explore anxiety, anger, and using the toilet!

For young people, I devise and deliver creative programmes around the neuroscience of emotions and learning. These integrate movement, theraputic play, and experimental group work to support young people in developing good strategies for emotional regulation, learning, and literacy; I also use theatre to support young people in processing traumatic experiences or challenging life events.

I also teach workshops for young people interested in developing their own multi-sensory theatre for younger children. My work tours all over the UK to festivals, theatres, community spaces, schools and early years settings.

“The feedback I have received from staff today has been so positive and I have loved seeing all the photos. It has also made us reflect on the sensory things we have in school and a few extra bits it would be worth us acquiring. It is great to finally have found a group, like yourselves, who know what it can be like for our children and have a session directly aimed at their needs.”Kings Meadow ESBD Special School

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Fee Structure:

Half day of performances (up to three): £200

Full day of performances (up to five): £400

Single workshop: £50     Series of six workshops: £300

Half day residency: £100     Full day residency: £180

Staff Training:

We provide training for parents / carers and professionals around neuroscience and developmental approaches to understanding children and young people's brains, behaviour, emotions, and learning needs. We integrate early development strategies that look at the underpinning skills needed for children and young people to be able to self-regulate, concentrate, coordinate movement, think creatively and even be able to hold and use a pen. We also deliver training on trauma and the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences.


Janet Brownjohn, Rothesay Nursery School,

Naomi Hansard, Kings Meadow Special School,

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Julia Collar
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