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At Conscia Jazz, we look to provide the best possible jazz education for this region’s students, in the hope that we will carry on the ever-increasing popularity of jazz among the youth of today. We are initially doing this by offering a wide range of workshops to schools and organisations, which can be tailored to any age group. It is important to note, that all of our educators are professional jazz musicians with years of training and experience.

All Day / Half Day Workshops

These workshops can be hired in for a whole day or half day and can be tailored to all school year groups (reception to year 13). They can last between 30-60 minutes and 1-2 Conscia Jazz are needed to deliver them. They are designed so that all year groups in one school can experience and learn about jazz music in the same day, with each workshop catering to each year groups’/classes abilities. The students don’t need instruments for this workshop.

‘All Blues’ GCSE Workshop

A history of jazz up until and including All Blues by Miles Davis, which is currently on the GCSE Syllabus. This can be between 1.5 – 3 hours and requires 2-5 Conscia Jazz tutors.

Other workshops are available.

The dates to the ‘Conscia Jazz Festival 2017‘ have just been released!

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Fee Structure

Fees are dependant on the length of the workshops and the amount of tutors that are needed/requested to deliver them amongst other things. Below is an example of our prices for two of our workshops. Conscia Jazz do however try and fit into any given school's budget.

All Day / Half Day Workshops:

1 tutor for half day - £220 | 1 tutor for all day - £280

2 tutors for half day - £300 | 2 tutors for all day £420

'All Blues' GCSE Workshops:

2 tutors for 1.5 hours - £260 | 4 tutors for 1.5 hours - £380

2 tutors for 3 hours - £300 | 4 tutors for 3 hours - £460

(There are more time and tutor options for this workshop.)

Staff Training:

Conscia Jazz is definitely available for staff training, team building and creative workshops. Last year we successfully delivered a workshop on how to teach improvisation to the teachers of Music for Bedford Borough with a total of 4 members of the Conscia Jazz team present. These workshops can be changed and developed depending on the organisation's needs.


Tamsin Lodder, Head of the Arts, Goldington Academy,

Ben Bottone, Redbourne Upper School,

Other Information:

Public Liability Insurance: For specific events

Safeguarding: All teachers have a Valid DBS Check

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Thomas Syson