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Song writing workshops can be devised around almost any key themes or curriculum objectives schools and youth organizations have. It’s a brilliant way to motivate students and young people to look at the English language from a more creative but impressionist view by expanding on rhyming couplets, Shakespeare, poetry, vocal techniques and vocal production. These are just a few workshops ideas that have been used within the last twelve months but the list to expand this is exhaustive as I am extremely creative and believe almost anything is achievable with the right mindset.

Throughout the sessions you will be challenged, motivated and inspired  to create a musical performance, recording or original song constructed through song writing.

The most notable impact you can expect from working with Creative Beginnings is  building the confidence of students and young people who may  at first be  afraid to sing or even  perform in front of a few friends, I aspire to get  students and young people up on stage in front of an audience, singing passionately and  taking solos which is a fantastic achievement within itself.

As a practitioner I can  work with students and children of any background and level of musical experience.

Recent Projects:

Lovill – Diamond Road

Lovill Henry talks to 6 Towns Radio

Lovill – Bearches Head Warm Up Lean On Me 

Lovill – Peckham Rye 

Lovill – St Thomas Moore Alone on his Own 

Lovill – WEA Dress Rehearsal

Lovill – Birches Head Whoooooosh

Aladdin at The Grove Theatre

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Fee Structure:

£200 per day  workshop for a school - this will be split across a full day over six classes each hour during PPA cover, after school or at a designated time.

Workshops per hour are charged at £28.

Training for Schools:

I firmly believe that "team work makes the dream work",  Creative workshops can be  developed if required  which will lean more towards a systemic approach of training or team building. The workshops would incorporate a lesson plan, techniques and handouts surrounding a motivating holistic approach to  why being creative is necessary and constructive to students and young people within learning.


Referee 1: Lou Earley, ACE @ The Hub, 01582 748800

Referee 2: Anna Elmore, Grove Academy, 01582 884185

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Safeguarding: CRB and Safeguarding Policy held

Arts Awards Adviser

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Lovilia Henry