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Wood, carving with it, making things with it, is central to my practice as an artist  and craftsman. I carve dishes and bowls, build sculptural furniture and make  carved relief artworks.  I use relief carving to unite picture making with the  physical deliberateness of carving,  to play with light, shadow, shape, pattern, textures and colour. I use wood as my artist’s medium to make  sense of all the things we celebrate and worry about. I can share this with you.

Relief carving sessions for children can be delivered on sturdy tables and to work safely all that is required to hold the work piece securely is a G clamp. MDF is good for younger children to carve with as it has no grain, while for older children and grown-ups real woods such as lime and redwood, can be used.

Learning outcomes offered: A new skill: the safe use of sharp tools. Improved hand-eye co-ordination and manual dexterity. Development in observation and drawing skills. Growth in self-confidence and personal self esteem. A “Hey! I can do this” experience. I supply the tools, the wood, and the techniques and guidance required. You provide the venue and stout tables.

I can also offer simple wood carving tasters: Carve a bowl, Relief Carving, “ Carve an Egg”. Woodcut Printmaking using MDF. Stick whittling I can provide two shaving horses, drawknives and spokeshaves for Green Woodworking.

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Fee Structure:

My artist day rate is £250. For five days I charge £1000. I will also charge for materials required. I will present an Invoice for up-front payment before the project starts, with the balance due on completion of project. Longer projects and those requiring post project manufacture in my workshop before final artwork installation will require several interim payments. If there is a fixed budget already set I will devise projects that are deliverable within that sum.


Margaret Marsh: Winchester House, Brackley

Hayley Hughes: Broughton Fields Primary School, Milton Keynes

Recent Projects:

The Gyosei Art Trail, Milton Keynes

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Jeremy Turner
7 Church Street, Gawcott, Buckingham, MK18 4HY
07870 853473