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I am an artist whose practice focuses on oil painting and printmaking. In my work I depict mostly interior spaces, people and landscapes that emerge from memory. My workshops center around individually tailored painting and drawing exercises. I can tailor my workshops depending on the ages and skills of people attending.

Having painted portraits and landscapes for many years I have a strong formal understanding of oil paint and its ability to be used in a variety of ways. Within my workshops I want to demystify the medium and make it more accessible to young people. Painting is such a versatile and energetic medium and I hope to give young people the tools to use it for their own artistic visions. By talking them through my own artistic practice and some of the habits I have developed in my studio they can see some of the skills needed to be an artist.

“Kemi has worked with Bedford Creative Arts on project Clubhouse as a production assistant since October 2017. We have been always been very impressed with her work with us. Her professional and friendly approach to working with young people from all walks of life¬†encourages them to explore their creativity to the full. It’s been great to work with such a talented young artist.”Emily Evans, Bedford Creative Arts

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Fee Structure:

£200 per day / £100 for a half day including travel. (This does not include material costs)

Staff Training:

I am able to offer staff training if required in all the fields I cover within the workshops. This includes oil painting techniques, lino print and mono print. Depending on what is being offered in the workshop I would be happy to complete a full or half staff training day, especially if it is essential to the students experience during the workshop.


Emily Evans, Assistant Producer, Bedford Creative Arts, 104 Midland Road, Bedford, MK40 1QE,

Annie Bacon, Curator Producer, Bedford Creative Arts, 104 Midland Road, Bedford, MK40 1QE,

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Safeguarding: Valid DBS Certificate Held

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Kemi Onabule
MK42 0SB
07766 328902