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KLDANCE STUDIO is located in Central Dunstable providing Dance classes for ages 2-18+. We offer sessions in a range of different styles (street, ballet, contemporary, musical theatre, gymnastics, cheerleading, fitness, jazz +more!) to suit all your needs. Lessons can fit to help aid learning alongside your curriculum themes, or to just explore the fun and healthy benefits of dance – this can lead towards termly/annual performances to create new experiences at your school.  


Katie has worked for Lancot for the past two years in the capacity of dance coach, delivering both curricular and extra curricular sessions. With all pupils, her behaviour management is exemplary. She has the highest of expectations for all pupils; they are so engaged that they work incredibly hard to meet these expectations. 

As a school, Katie has worked in partnership with the staff and leaders in order to tailor her offer to meet the bespoke needs of the school. Her approach is cross-curricular and perfectly complements our whole school curriculum foci. 

Katie can teach complex routines to children of all ages through effective modelling, clear explanations and appropriate differentiation. Her innovative, creative approach results in powerful, engaging performances. It has been a delight to see the passion, pride and improvements in the pupils. 

Katie has had a significant, positive impact on our school and I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

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Fee Structure: 

£32 for a 45min-1hr lesson 

£16 for a 30min lesson 

(a small additional fee may occur for any classes over a 20min travel time). 

Any classes to be held at the studio add on £10 to cover overhead costs.  

Staff Training:

KLDANCE is happy to offer CPD sessions for teachers in Dance, Gymnastics and Fitness. These sessions can help gain further understanding of how to explore these creative arts within your lessons, and to enable confidence in teaching such skills.

Or if you’re looking for something a little fun? Why not try a staff class?! Learn a dance routine, create team bonding and explore something new.


Referee 1: Claire Probert, Lancot Challenger Academy, c.probert@lancotschool.co.uk 

Referee 2: Richard Fordham, Stopsley Primary School, head@stopsley.primaryluton.co.uk   

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Katie Roberts