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Luton Central Library has a wide selection of novels, non-fiction books, local and national newspapers, magazines, CDs and DVDs with computers available for use by library members throughout. As part of the charitable trust, Luton Culture, Luton Central Library hosts a variety of workshops and regular clubs for children to encourage exploration and creativity through reading.

Luton Central Library offers the opportunity to tick off a range of cultural challenges and, where necessary, tickets for events in our exciting programme can be purchased on our website.

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All events are free, unless otherwise stated on the website.

Staff Training:

Although we do not offer staff training, we believe that the arts are they building blocks to healthy, happy communities and therefore offer workshops for children, often delivered by the cast of the show that the workshop relates to. These workshops give children and opportunity to properly engage with the key themes and ideas in the shows, ultimately leading to a better understanding of the ideas surrounding it.

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Luton Culture
Luton Central Library, St. George's Square, Luton, LU1 2NG
01582 547418