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I am passionate and a creative individual harboring professional skills within photography and video production.

Engaging in creative mediums such as photography can invigorate a young individual personally and academically, because it allows them to grow an achievement oriented mindset by working on something they are passionate for.

By engaging in creative works within my workshops, students will learn how to create a variety of productions including adverts, music videos and films. These will engage attributes such as teamwork, creative development and problem solving.

My workshops can incorporate detailed sessions on all skills associated with these professions from camera operation, video editing, lighting operation through to production management and direction. The aim for my workshops will be that the students harbor professional knowledge and proficiency before they have entered higher education – giving them a major advantage when they enter university or the professional industry.

These courses would be ideal for any young person studying media, with an interest in the subject matter, Year 10 (GCSE) to level 3 BTEC or 6th form students studying media.

I have worked on a wide range of productions, granting me experience and knowledge that I can part onto others.

I am currently developing my own limited company, One-Stop Media Production – see the link for the website.

I provide photography only or film only workshops. I can develop lessons which incorporate both, however these are very different crafts and require different teaching methods. We can discuss the needs for your institution and students and come up with the best direction to proceed.
I will structure my workshops in accordance to individual desires of each student. I believe that making a particular student handling a camera when they would prefer to learn another role can be detrimental to their learning experience. This is the most important aspect of my workshops as I will make sure that every single student comes out invigorated and enthusiastic about what the career they want to pursue.
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Fee Structure:

A single session (2-3 hours) price starts at an all inclusive £180 rate. This includes the inventory required to teach practical film and photography techniques. Sessions at this rate cater for between 8 and 12 students. We can negotiate the best rate for your requirements.

I have also developed a 12 session curriculum designed to teach all of the essential skills students need. This would incorporate developing a creative art over the course of 12 sessions as a whole creatively. These rates start at £1200, dependent upon requirements.

Staff Training:

I can train staff members in specific skills that I myself have a professional proficiency in.


REFEREE 1: Keith 'Shanks' Putwain, Love To Drum United, 07961 145057

REFEREE 2: Brendan Cumberbirch, Central Bedfordshire College,

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Safeguarding: Valid DBS Check

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Marko Sulic-Woodgate