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I offer bespoke mosaic workshops which can be linked to all the subjects taught in schools from KS1 through to KS2. Workshops can be created to fit around most themes or project ideas and can vary in timescale, from hourly sessions to Art Weeks.

Workshop content can vary from small individual mosaics to large public art involving selected year groups or perhaps the entire school.

Tiles are generally pre-cut making it more manageable for younger children aged 4-6. For more complex designs, cutting may be required whereby the older children can get involved under close supervision.



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Daily rate                          £300 (5-6 hours)

Half day                            £175 (3-4 hours)

Up to 3 hours                     £150

Design Fee                        £15 per hour

Materials are NOT included in the above costs and can range from £50 upwards depending on size, design and complexity


Name of referee 1: Juliette Roberts
Name of school: Brooklands Farm, Milton Keynes
Contact details:julietteroberts@brooklandsfarm.milton-keynes.sch.uk

Safeguarding: Safeguarding policy and DBS held

Insurance: Public Liability Insurance held
Name of referee 2: Mrs Sharon McCloskey
Name of school:Sacred Heart Primary School Langford Drive, Luton LU29AJ
Contact details: 01582 730781


Contact Name
Dionne Ible
07973 717564