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Sinfonia Verdi introduces children and young people (from aged 2 upwards) to the joy of making music, discovering about lots of different musical instruments, singing, dancing, performing, and writing music.

School workshops involve professional musicians from diverse musical traditions collaborating with children on new and exciting ways to bring cultures together through music.

Musical story-telling and scene-setting, using music to communicate and express emotions, and exploring new ways to write music alongside professionals are just some of the areas covered in classroom music workshops.

Group sessions can be as big as whole class, whole year group or even whole school and ages range from 2-18yrs.

Performances alongside top musicians for members of the public, family, and friends offer children a platform to showcase their new skills and creations and are built in to the projects we offer to schools.

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Fee Structure:

For a full day of workshops (4 sessions) fees range from £400-800 depending on the number of musicians involved and the project outcomes.

Staff Training:

Sinfonia Verdi Founder and Director, David Murphy, delivers team building and leadership workshops for groups of colleagues in a range of settings. Using music, and the concept of ensemble and orchestral team-work, David establishes a creative arena for groups/teams to work on ideas-generation, problem-solving, leadership skills, and communication.


Keith Guy, Downside Primary School,

Kerry Watson, Luton Music Mix,

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Esther Jackson
c/o UKCCA, 3 St Mary’s Rd, Luton, LU1 3JA
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