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I can offer an exceptional ‘one stop shop’ for all things musical, creative and expressive: Workshops Include (but not limited to):

  • Musical Performance and Improvisation
  • Musical Storytelling (existing stories or create a story)
  • Junk Percussion and Body Percussion
  • Songwriting to a theme, or as a form of expression
  • Creative Confidence and Teamwork
  • Pop-Up Choir
  • Contemporary Comedy/Clown
  • Mini Blues Workshop
  • Vocal/Theatrical/Musical bespoke workshops/coaching
  • Creative writing through poetry/lyrical writing
  • Putting words to music and melody
  • Artist in Residency

All work can be ‘off the shelf’ or ‘bespoke’. Work can be to a school theme/values/classwork.

How it works: Workshops can be 45 minutes to a full day, working with a few children up to a full class, year group or student body depending on the workshop/theme. Focusing on one of the above or a combination of topics. We also offer consultation in creating content, marketing and promoting/producing your work. We have experience in working with children of mixed ages, abilities and with special needs and can create content specifically for special needs. (For early years up to age 7, please also see the Frogs’ Chorus) Wonderfuel can also help in the creation of a show or performance to be performed for the school, community or for fundraising.

*For older children (10+) a ‘Meet and Greet’ can be offered where the artist performs original material, discusses how the songs came to be written and gives the children a chance to ask questions, taking away ideas and strategies to be more creative/inventive or develop their own music/song writing skills.

*can also be an evening event ticketed event as a fundraiser

“Thanks so much for your marvelous energy and willingness to go with the flow for each student. I know they really enjoyed working with you and you were able to speak to their heart with your approach.” (As a Freelance Artist/Music Consultant/Teacher for a small school working with older children with social/behavioral or emotional issues. Mainly children in care.) The Walnut School

“This is just right. Thank you so much. Your workshop and the notes will give the kids a great deal of information and support going forward.” (Speaking for Radio/TV Workshop) Mr Kirkwood, Mark Rutherford School

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Fee Structure

A typical 1 hour workshop costs between £30 - £50 depending on materials, number of children, etc. A 1 hour workshop can be split into two 30 minute sessions for early years music and storytelling. A half day is £80, and a full day (up to 5 hours) may cost from £120 up to £300, depending on content and resources needed (i.e. additional artists booked or props/instruments) Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Happy for last minute requests or ongoing projects with multiple days.

'Meet and Greet' sessions are £120, lasting one hour with Q&A immediately following.


REFERENCE 1: Victoria Kilroy, Hazeldene Lower School, vkilroy@hazeldene.bbvle.com

REFERENCE 2: Paul Wildman, Lincroft School, PWildman@lincroft.beds.sch.uk

Other Information

Insurance: Public liability insurance.

Safeguarding: DBS/CRB checked.

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Kristine Hughes
MK43 7SD
07971 433728