Ready Steady Roll have a FREE workshop for 1 lucky school!

Ready Steady Roll are very excited about their new ‘Mega Game’ they are creating specifically for schools!

Starting near the end of the last Ice Age, the whole class splits into teams and guides a Stone Age tribe from creating their first stone tools to building farms and Stonehenge. With very simple mechanics and giant dice, the children will learn all about life in the Stone Age whilst working together, developing their critical and strategic thinking skills, and having fun.

Ready Steady Roll are currently looking for a school to give their new game a test run!

If you are interested in a FREE one hour Stone Age Mega Game Workshop, please get in contact with Darrell on:

Ready Steady Roll‘s ‘Wellbeing Workshops’ are also great fun: once a week, for a term, a group of 4 students spend an hour playing a variety of board games together. This is a great opportunity for children to develop social skills and peer and adult relationships, promote emotional literacy and regulation, and practice executive function skills in a safe environment.

With over 150 fun games, our workshops can develop a wide range of skills, focusing on different areas as required, whether that is maths, teamwork, or winning and losing gracefully.

To state your interest and for more information, please contact Darrell on: