Take The Culture Challenge

Are you up for The Culture Challenge?

Young people, teachers, and cultural providers got together to create a cultural checklist of interesting things that young people might like to try.

Do the challenge to see what you’ve achieved already and to spark new ideas about what else you’d like to try! How many more can you do?

  •    Visit an art gallery
  •    Meet an artist
  •    Make some art
  •    Learn a craft
  •    Exhibit your art
  •    Spend time in the great outdoors
  •    Go on a trip
  •    Sing with others
  •    See a theatre show
  •    See a professional dance performance
  •    Perform in public
  •    Make some music
  •    Go to a gig
  •    Experience classical music
  •    Be on a radio show
  •    Volunteer or raise money for charity
  •    Visit a workplace
  •    Visit a university
  •    Visit a place of worship
  •    Explore different cultures
  •    Do something within your community
  •    Visit a museum
  •    Learn about your local area
  •    Investigate your family history
  •    Find out about a different time in history
  •    Share your writing publicly
  •    Meet an author
  •    Join the library
  •    Go to a poetry performance
  •    Do some public speaking