Your invite to the TestBeds 2019 conference

Have you got your ticket yet for the The University of Bedfordshire’s TestBeds Conference? The theme for 2019 is harnessing creative collaboration – strategic partnerships with universities and promises some insightful discussions across three distinct audiences, comprising three days of activity:

21st March 2019: Arts and Culture Sector Leaders Symposium (Sold out)

22nd March 2019: Arts and Culture Youth Conference (Sold out)

23rd March 2019: Conference for Local Creatives (Tickets available!)

Universities have the spaces, resources, partnerships and access to cross-sector knowledge/research to support and develop the local creative ecology. Creative organisations can support universities to enhance teaching, research and knowledge exchange, as well connect to local communities, people and places. Cross sector partnership, therefore has direct benefits for local arts and creative organisations, but it also brings direct and lasting benefits to universities.

The symposium aims to provide space to share case studies, workshops and thought pieces, which reflect on the impact of previous projects, ambitions for emerging activity, priorities founded upon arts and cultural strategies, and considerations for cross-sector partnerships.

Visit the TestBeds webpages to find out more about this three day conference and book your ticket.