The Arts in Schools: why the arts matter in our education system
School orchestra - image source The Cultural Learning Alliance
School orchestra – image source The Cultural Learning Alliance

For the new school year, The Cultural Learning Alliance and ASCL, the Association of School and College Leaders, have produced a new Briefing Paper which sets out why participating in the arts in school matters, both from an educational and social point of view.

Indeed, the report states, “An arts-rich education contributes to the development of all aspects of a child’s powers and personality; a school that is rich in the arts enhances the life chances of a child.”  

Undoubtedly, many of the themes chime with our passion for delivering creative and cultural activities in schools but it is well worth a read, if only to inject motivation and enthusiasm into the start of another school year and as a reminder that the Arts have the power to change and shape young people’s lives.  

You are probably on too aware of the downward trend of the arts in schools. Familiarising yourself with resources like this can really help to encourage schools to invest in arts, culture and creativity when you next find yourself working in a place of learning and in a conversation with staff.  

Read the report in full on The Cultural Learning Alliance website