The Culture Challenge shortlisted for national prize!

At Culture Challenge HQ, we were delighted to receive the news that we were shortlisted for a National Creative Learning Award!

National Creative Learning Awards

Our work with three Bedford schools formed the basis of our Creativity for Wellbeing project, where pupils participated in a series of after school Culture Clubs, exposing them to a diverse range of creative and cultural activities including dance, cross stitch, pottery and storytelling.

Awards Judge Trisha Lee, Founder of Makebelieve Arts recognised that this project allowed the children grow in confidence and blossom whilst participating in our Culture Clubs.

“Collaborating with three schools and an arts centre is the basis of a great programme. The range of activities the children were able to undertake, from sewing to dancing is a real testament to how all art forms are valued within this community. It enables children to see the arts in a broader capacity and find their strengths within each art form.”

Awards Judge Kate Shelley, Founder of Tales Toolkit also added,

“This project considered that all children are different and learn in different ways. From nature visits and classical concerts to felt making and dance. This project gave children an opportunity to explore a wide range of creative activities.”

Running the Culture Club project in three Bedford schools provided the opportunity for us to conduct a piece of measurable research each child was observed before, during and after their participation in the Culture Clubs during their literacy classes. The increase in attention and determination was obvious in all children who took part, demonstrating the positive effects¬† participating in the creative and cultural activities can have, not just for personal wellbeing, but also across other subjects in the curriculum too. Teachers noted that pupils were less tearful when things didn’t go to plan and were willing to try new things with a new found resilience.

National Creative Learning Awards

Despite not scooping the Award this time, it was an honour to be shortlisted and these comments are a recognition of the hard work we’ve put in to deliver projects across the Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton and Central Bedfordshire regions.