The Shuttleworth Collection & Swiss Garden

Add an exciting dimension to your teaching this term by booking a visit to Shuttleworth. We offer a diverse range of formal and informal programmes for all levels from Early Years to KS3 and above. We offer visits to either attraction, and combined visits to both.  

As an educational charity, we pride ourselves in being able to respond to the particular needs of visiting schools and are happy to design bespoke learning activities to suit your needs. We also offer free planning visits (and a rather good coffee) if you would like to have a look around and discuss options further. 

The Collection 

Using our new Discovery Workshop as your base room, reach out and explore this world renowned Collection of over 150 aircraft and vehicles that are all kept working as intended – it’s where history flies and drives! 

In the midst of our Edwardian aircraft (including the world’s oldest airworthy aeroplane, a 1909 Bleriot XI), explore the different ways that aeronauts conceived of embracing this pioneering form of transport; Or step aboard our unique Charabus as we explore the different ‘jobs’ a vehicle may be designed to do; Or explore geography, distance and time on an imaginary air race to Australia whilst sat beneath the wing of our world famous Comet racing plane. 

Pupils can also participate in sessions that include our horse-drawn carriages; cycles; motorcycles; cars; buses; tractors and other vehicles. And, what better place than Shuttleworth to engage with the science of flight and be inspired by the stories of those who have slipped the surly bonds of earth! 

The Swiss Garden 

Using our Garden Room as your base room, reach out and explore the 4½ hectares of enchanted secret garden that are the Swiss Garden. Designed as a piece of theatre – every corner you turn offers an intriguing view 

Alongside run our Woodland Walk, where we can collect native tree seed as part of our Sow and Grow programme, and our Sculpture Trail, which includes seven large-scale sculptures designed by local lower schoolchildren. 

Use this exceptional venue to bring class books to life, or as inspiration for their own creative writing; don your pith helmets for a minibeast safari, or why not partake in our Working with artists programme? 


We were very impressed by your slow pace and clear speech, which enabled us to interpret, but also the children with more usable hearing could access what was said. The approach wasflexible adapting timings, resources and activitiesto our specific needs.You took the lead from us as well, rather than being concerned with you wanted to deliver.You were patient and responded to what the children needed.The activities were visual and practical, which really supported our pupils understanding particularly the Imaginary Air Race.Areally successful visit! We have recommended you to our colleagues for future trips.

— Specialist Teacher of the Deaf, Heathlands School