Spirit Forge

Spirit Forge works with schools and institutions to support settings in addressing Character Development. We help children to develop their Awareness, Autonomy and Aspirations using a variety of methods to connect them to themselves and their inner wisdom. Philosophical enquiry is at the core of Spirit Forge methodology and alongside this, we use the artistic mediums of Hip Hop and the ancient practices of Japanese Martial Arts to engage and stimulate personal growth.

Our offers range from carefully considered 1 day workshops to fully immersive 6 day programmes where staff receive training in our methodology and participants are celebrated through an award ceremony.  Settings can choose from Philosophy, Hip Hop and Martial Arts programmes to suit their needs.

While Spirit Forge values are at the core of everything that we deliver, collaboration is key for us when working to address the needs and fulfilment of all parties involved. Some of the ways we have worked with schools has been to support their SMSC development across the school, to enhance the quality of PSHE, as well as to add depth to their Creative Curriculum aims and intentions.