Make a splash on World Ocean Day!

June 7th is World Ocean Day! Schools across the UK and beyond will be marking this day with a range of activities.

After the success of Blue Planet 2, the UK has taken such a keen interest in the ocean and our relationship to it, and World Oceans Day is a fantastic way to be part of starting an even bigger conversation in schools across the UK.

World Ocean Day for Schools is a day to celebrate the role the ocean plays in all our lives, to learn more about our blue planet and to kickstart a fun conversation between children, parents, teachers and communities about our relationship with the ocean. We may feel far from the sea here in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes, but there are plenty of ideas to participate in this global celebration of our oceans and explore our connection with water.

World Ocean Day have put together a range of resources including posters, games and ideas on how you can encourage your school to take part, from dressing up, hosting assemblies or more in depth lesson plans, there are plenty of free resources out there for schools.