Irie Vibes has Discounted Workshops for Black History Month!

Cultural Provider Edward King (aka Irie Vibes) delivers workshops based on Culture of People and the African Diaspora, and can be linked with Black History Month.

African Drumming: Young people learn how the drums are made in West Africa, how the rhythms are inspired with African Culture and Storytelling
Capoeira: Participants learn how Capoeira is an African Brazilian Martian Art that originated in Brazil, and its links to the Slave Trade
Didgeridoo: Learn the History of the instrument, and how it links to the Aboriginal People of Australia
Presentations: Edward can be available to come into a school to talk about African Culture and give short demonstrations of the different art forms.

In relation to weekly sessions of an hour or two, Edward is currently offering a 10% discount on African Drumming, Didgeridoo or Capoeira Workshops for Black History Month. This offer is available for all Culture Challenge schools.

You can receive 10% off a one hour, half or full day workshop. That is:

£76.00 for one hour (down from £85.00)
£157.00 for a half day – 3 hours (down from £175.00)
£270.00 for a full day – 6 hours (down from £300.00)
Edward is always willing to discuss and be flexible on price on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in a workshop for Black History Month, contact Edward directly on for more information.